Calming the Shen – Part 2

Fear and panic is once again setting in for many people, as the mainstream media bombards us with scary Covid-19 daily case number totals and health officials reintroduce lockdown measures, many of which seem completely arbitrary.

As we saw in Part 1, fear, panic, stress, and tension can all disturb what is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as our Shen – roughly translated as our heart, mind, and spirit. Learning how to cultivate a calm Shen is important for developing inner strength and being able to get through the ups and downs of life, with a large part of it being able to stay relaxed, both physically and mentally, in the midst of stress and chaos.

Facts over Fear

For those of us interested in facts and the truth, we continue to ask questions. For example, why are lockdowns being reintroduced based on “case numbers” rather than on hospitalizations and deaths like it was back in the springtime? What actually defines a “case”? It is now widely known that the PCR test for Covid-19 can have over 90% false positives, and just because someone tests positive doesn’t even mean that they are actually sick or infected at all.

In fact, a group of German doctors, medical experts, and lawyers have recently come forward with what they describe as “crimes against humanity” and are demanding, along with other disease experts from around the world, that this PCR test be immediately discontinued because of the false and misleading information that it is providing. (Please note that Bitchute videos may take a minute or two to load up. Unfortunately, Youtube removed the original video because they, along with the other mainstream media such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter are continuing to censor anything that they deem goes against the official WHO narrative)

Knowledge is Power

More medical doctors are continuing to speak out against what they view are the adverse health effects of lockdown measures. One doctor, who wrote an open letter to the Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia questioning the lack of scientific and medical evidence for the actions taken by the province, goes on to ask why simple things such as Vitamin D supplements, shown in research studies to be of benefit against viral infections including Covid-19, are not being publicly recommended by health officials. He believes that “healthy immunity should start from inside the body”, a statement that Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners would wholeheartedly agree with.

As healthcare providers, we do what we can to help you on your journey towards better health. However, at the end of the day, your own health is your own responsibility but that is actually an empowering thing – it means that health decisions should never be forced upon you, but that you should be able to do your own study and research, look at all sides of an issue, and make your own informed decisions from a position of knowledge and not out of fear or coercion.

Maintaining a healthy Shen – heart, mind, and spirit – is an ongoing task that never ends. Fear, panic, and tension can paralyze us, but knowledge, along with keeping our bodies and minds relaxed, can help us to remain calm and centred, even when dealing with difficult and stressful situations in life.

On a final note, as we show our gratitude on this Remembrance Day to the many Canadians and other war veterans who fought and gave their lives for our freedom, may we always honour their ultimate sacrifice by continuing to fight against tyranny, standing on guard for Canada, and may God keep our land glorious and free.